How Busy Professionals and Entrepreneurs Can Get to 100,000+ Subscribers in 1 Year and Build a 6-7 Figure Business By Posting 2x/month, Making 100K View Videos, and Building a Business Backend

Learn how we got Half a Million Subscribers and built a Million-Dollar YouTube Business and how you can use those same strategies to become a Successful YouTuber and Make 6-7 figures doing what you love WITHOUT spending years trying to learn it all yourself. 

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The other day (at the time of writing this) my Alexa played a song that I haven't heard in 5 years, and I started tearing up.

The last time I heard that song was in 2017. I was living in Los Angeles and out on a run.

I was also utterly broke.

By then I had spent 3 years trying and failing to make it as an actor. I felt like a complete loser.

The Year Everything Changed

In 2018, I started my YouTube channel as a way of documenting my journey of trying to make it as an actor. Little did I know that this would send me on a journey of learning cameras, lighting, composition, how to write a good script. It would take years to understand how the algorithm works and how I could find a place in it.

But when I started my channel, I took back control of my life.

Get There Faster

4 years later, the channel has become my full-time job and a lucrative business.

While the money is great, the best part is that I get to live out my dream of telling stories for a living.

Learning from a coach's experiences can give you years of knowledge in a matter of hours, and drastically accelerate the pace in achieving your goals. Skip their trials, failures, and pain, and reap the benefits of their success.

If I knew then what I know now about YouTube success, I would have saved YEARS of trial and error.

Breaking 100K Views For The First Time

"I was one year into YouTube with around 1K subscribers. I've grinded for so long and I didn't see the results I thought I deserved... Nikhil gave me the right pointers I needed, and greatly enough, my next video ended up blowing up and changing the course of my entire channel."

- Michael Drift




From 300 Views to 300,000 Views

The first video I worked on with Anthony Vicino brought his view count from the lower hundreds to over 14,000 in just 3 days, and quadrupled his subscriber count. After 2 weeks, the video surpassed 350,000 views.

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Content Strategy

It's taken me 3 years of doing YouTube to finally begin to understand the importance of content strategy. What does YouTube want? A great title, a great thumbnail, and a video that will gain minutes of watch-time and retention for the viewer. Simple enough in concept, but there can be a lot of confusion around executing this. 

With YouTube coaching, we can take a look at your channel, your analytics ‚ÄĒ figure out what's working and what we can tweak to gain momentum.¬†An extra minute of watch time can be the difference between 1000 views, 10K views, and 100K views.¬†Let's talk through a game plan together and execute.

What Does a Productive Creator Look Like?

My lack of productivity back in the day was a source of tremendous anxiety; the cognitive dissonance of wondering what I should be doing each day, what serves as a good stopping point, and how I can develop better focus and discipline.

Today, I'm able to feel that 'good tired' at the end of each day, knowing that I accomplished what I had set out to, being able to create clear objectives and goals for the day and week, and striving steadily towards my ambitions. We can figure out the same for you.

Being More Watchable is a SKILL

And it's something you are going to have to continue to work on. It's a commitment to yourself and your craft.

For my recurring clients on a longer program, we'll work at improving your cinematography, technical mastery of titles and thumbnails, scripting, screen presence, pacing... everything that goes into STORYTELLING.

If you tell a story, you can win over an audience.

Finding Your Voice and Building Your YouTube Presence

"Nikhil's youtube coaching program has helped me tremendously on my youtube journey. From a technical perspective, he's helped me to revamp my thumbnails, he's helped me to do market research and learn what titles hit and which ones don't, he's helped me with script writing¬†‚ÄĒ he's also just helped me to find my voice in a sense and just be more authentic on camera."

- Free Mind


From 7 Subscribers to 150,000 Views

I've worked with David Bangean from the very start of his YouTube career¬†‚ÄĒ and together we were able to¬†rapidly drive up¬†his subscriber count from 7 to over 5000, and create his first ever video to break 150,000 views.

Join My YouTube Coaching Academy

Success with the algorithm and becoming more watchable is a PROCESS.

In our YouTube Coaching Academy, we will develop a 
Personalized Plan for you to get a video that does over 100,000 Views (and really pops off in the algorithm) as well as develop a Robust Business Backend that will help you monetize to 6-Figures and Beyond.

So, over the course of your coaching period, w
e will take your entire process and system in developing your YouTube videos and your Business Backend and completely revamp them to increase watch time, grow faster, and ultimately help you get more results by doing less. 

This is a Cohort-Based Coaching where you will be a part of a select group of passionate and motivated YouTubers who know the value of investing in themselves, are action takers, and who want to take their videos and business backend to the next level. And, to do so FAST. 

Spots do close up fast because we only choose 10-15 people per cohort and we get hundreds of applications per month, so make sure to apply below to see if you are a right fit.


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Building Progress Through Accountability

"...that's what I think was important too, is the honesty. So he'd give you critiques saying, "hey this really sucks, work on this¬†‚ÄĒ this part is good though." And I think that's very important and hard to find. It's¬†finding someone who's able to hold you accountable and able to be encouraging at the same time. The synthesis of those two is really powerful for me because it has really continued to motivate me and help me improve."

- Nolen Putnam

Kavi Turnbull

"Coaching from Nikhil was no brainer as it helped me get my channel off the ground quickly. If you’ve never shot a YouTube video before there are so many things you wouldn’t have known to think about.

Camera settings, lighting, microphone adjustments, how to find video topics, and attractive thumbnails are just the start… if you want to get your channel off on the right foot, Nikhil knows what he’s talking about!"


Rolando Jay

"I wanted to share a crazy story with you, a manager at a car business peeped my YouTube channel and asked me if I could do commercial work for them to represent the Spanish side of the demographic.

You changed my life, I really mean that and my life has become more abundant than ever since this community has come into my life. I can't help but express the gratitude I have for you and everyone else."